While he's had a lot of iconic characters, perhaps Will Ferrell's best is the Anchorman himself, Ron Burgundy. Ferrell has portrayed Burgundy in two separate films and the character never fails to make us laugh thanks to his ineptitude. Despite being a movie character, Ferrell has been known to break out his Burgundy alter-ego at other events in order to keep the legend alive. That's exactly what he did on Thursday night when Ferrell brought Burgundy to the broadcast booth for the Los Angeles Kings game against the San Jose Sharks.

It's not the first time the Kings have had a celebrity guest in the broadcast booth. A couple of months ago, the team brought in Snoop Dogg for some hilarious commentary. 

While Burgandy doesn't have the same personality as Snoop, the comments were still pretty great. Here are just a few of Burgundy's one-liners:

"I once saw Jeff Carter with his shirt off in the locker room ... he's got the goods."

"Cleared by the Kings! Take that, San Jose!! Zero Stanley Cups. ZERO Stanley Cups for the San Jose Sharks!!"

"Shot on goal, he scores!! Put that baby to bed without a diaper."

The Kings ended up winning the game by a final score of 4-2.