Well, this is exciting news, if we can believe it. According to many users on Twitter, Young Thug made a big announcement on Periscope yesterday, sharing that both Drake and Kanye West will be featured on his upcoming project Slime Season 3 (which hasn't been cancelled, by the way). Unfortunately, the only evidence we have of this happening are the tweets, as no Periscope clip has surfaced.

Pigeons and Planes points toward threads on OVO forums and KTT that caught the conversation around the features.

All of the tweets came from between 930 and 1030PM, with many alleging that the project was confirmed to drop next week. It's worth noting that one user reported that while SS3 will arrive next week, it would actually be SS4 that contains the features.

We're not sure what to make of it all, but we know for a fact that Thug and Kanye have worked together, and that Drake has been bumping his music since "Danny Glover," so it's certainly not out of the question.

Where Hy!£UN35 fits into all of this is anyone's guess. We'll update if footage of the Periscope session becomes available. Think this will happen?