A few months back, RATKING's Wiki made the announcement that his upcoming solo album No Mountains In Manhattan would be dropping on Friday, August 25th. While Wiki may not exactly be a commercial lightning rod, the gritty lyricist has amassed a loyal cult following, having proven himself with consistent, quality underground rap. Now, Wiki has shared the project's official tracklist, along with a video for the second track "Mayor," produced by prod. by Tony Seltzer, Alex Apton & Ravi Gafron. For all you cinema nerds, the video in question is directed by Matt Lubansky, and features an old-school, VHS aesthetic.

As for the album, the project is set to feature production from randomblackdude AKA Earl Sweatshirt, Kaytranada, Wiki, & more. Features are scarce, but appearances from Ghostface Killah and Your Old Droog are sure to be fire. Check out the full tracklist and production credits below:

1. Islander (prod. by Alex Epton)
2. Mayor (prod. by Tony Seltzer, Alex Apton & Ravi Gafron)
3. Pretty Bull (prod. by Tony Seltzer)
4. Made For This Feat. Ghostface Killah (prod. by Tony Seltzer and Adrian Lau)
5. Chinatown Swing (prod. by Sporting Life)
6. Litt 15 ft. Your Old Droog (prod. by DJ Earl Teklife)
7. Face It (prod. by Alex Epton and Sly C)
8. Stick Ball (prod. by NOLIFE)
9. Elaine (prod. by Wiki)
10. Pandora’s Box ft. Evy Jane (prod. by Dadras and Sporting Life)
11. Wiki New Written (prod. by randomblackdude)
12. Jalo (prod. by Black Mack)
13. Nutcrackers ft. Lakutis (prod. by Wiki, Alon Sicherman and Alex Epton)
14. Baby Girl (prod. by Kaytranada)
15. NMIM ft. ACAB, Slicky Boy (prod. by Tony Seltzer)
16. Leppy Coqui

If you haven't already peeped them, "Pretty Bull" and "Icarus" have already dropped, and both cuts are NYC underground hip-hop fire. What do ya'll think about Wiki? Is this a project you're interested in? If not, maybe you should be.