After signing a deal with Interscope/Alamo Records in March, the future is looking bright for Wifisfuneral. However, just last year, the South Florida rapper was struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts, to the point that he had chosen a date to end his life. Thankfully, Wifisfuneral was able to overcome that darkness by recording his When Hell Falls mixtape, which he released earlier this year.

"That whole mixtape was supposed to be a suicide note that I wrote last year," he told HNHH in his On The Come Up interview. "And then we turned the suicide note into a mixtape."

In another segment from our interview, Wifisfuneral talks more about that dark period in his life and how he pulled himself out of it through music. Watch it below.

In the interview, he recalls the circumstances which led to led to this low point in his life. "I'm pretty much raising myself with my mom, you know what I mean? I'm not getting the right fundamentals that a lot of people need," he said. "At that time in my life, I really felt like my only option was killing myself. I looked at it like 'what was the point of being alive?'"

The rapper suggests that his depression prevented him from seeing the great possibilities in his future. "I was just looking at all the negatives in my life," he explained. "I didn't really understand the concept of 'at the end of every tunnel, there's always light.' I literally thought that on January 27th, that that was gonna be the day."

Wifisfuneral decided to release When Hell Falls on that day instead. "I'm just glad that we turned that suicide note into a mixtape and that it is what it is right now," he said.

The mixtape became a means for the rapper to cope with his depression, and he feels fans can use it in a similar way. "My life hard, and I'mma fuckin' talk about that shit," he said. "If you don't wanna listen, you can bump some other shit. It's no disrespect, this is no cocky shit. This is the fucking truth. Y'all n---as wanna go turn up, go bump Lil Uzi Vert, and everyone else that will turn you up. If you wanna actually fuckin' think about your fuckin' life and what the fuck you need to do with it, bump When Hell Falls a little bit."

Listen to Wifisfuneral's When Hell Falls mixtape here. Watch his On The Come Up interview below.