After getting jumped during his performance with XXXTENTACION, Florida rapper Wifisfuneral quickly took to social media to reassure fans that no goon could ever phase him. Many were quick to speculate the motive behind the attack, with theories ranging from hip-hop rivalries to retaliation from Wifi's Daredevil-esque flip kick. Now, the rapper has spoken out with XXL about the incident, shedding some light on what he believes went down.

He started off by clearing the air, clarifying that "that wasn’t the first stage dive I actually did—that was probably like the fifth stage dive that I did...They were asking me to come in the crowd. The fans weren’t malicious at all." He continues, noticing some suspicious individuals lurking in the crowd, and reports that a fan told him the attack was clearly premeditated:

“I noticed there were these three guys, and they looked really fucking mad...Supposedly some guy was telling the other two guys ‘Stand your position.’ So I don’t know if it was a setup for me, or if it was a setup in general for anybody in Members Only for them to make an example, but at the end of the day I’m coolin’, bruh,” Wifi continues. “They did all that shit, I was unconscious for a good ten seconds, woke back up, they slit my head open a little bit, got that shit glued together. I got a couple bruises on me, fuckin’ stood in the hospital for like two and a half hours [and] went right back to the Airbnb. We in Dallas right now—and I’m going back on stage."

Wifi also addresses anyone questioning the loyalty of his Member's Only affiliates, who didn't immediately jump to his aid:

“What I also wanna clear up too, because a lot of people keep saying ‘Oh, well your friends didn’t come help you. They didn’t do anything while you were getting jumped.’ What people need to take into consideration was that I jumped really fucking far in that crowd,” Wifi says. “How the fuck is anybody on that stage gonna go that far, first and foremost? So what, they’re just gonna jump over fucking fans [and] beat the shit out of fans until they get to me? No, that would make no sense, bro. And it’s not like they didn’t wanna help me. Nobody was alert about the situation. X was the only one that knew about the situation, but when X tried to do something about it, his bodyguard said ‘No, don’t handle it. I’m gonna handle it right now.’ And then his bodyguard and my manager helped me.”

It's clearly all love between Wifi and his crew, and the up-and-coming rapper will continue to tour and work on his new mixtape Boy Who Cried Wolf.