Wifisfuneral Graces Ronny J Production On "Genesis"

Wifisfuneral -  Genesis

  April 27, 2018 10:40
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Wifisfuneral delivers a drug-addled, yet admittedly hard-hitting banger.

Wifisfuneral is back with another jam, and he's brought Ronny J along for the ride. And while the track certainly slaps, some the the lyrical content keep this one from joining the ranks of peak Wifi.

It seems like Wifisfuneral didn't give K.O.D. a thorough listen. The Floridian lyricist once again delivers a dexterous flow, solidifying his spot among the next generation's most technically proficient. At the risk of sounding like a curmudgeon, the subject matter of Xanax abuse has started to feel a little stale; it would be interesting to see Wifi exploring a few different lanes. He's certainly skilled enough to make waves, but adhering to the ongoing Xanax crave only dilutes his message and overall impact. 

Still, with a solid banger from Ronny J, "Genesis" will certainly please those seeking a straightforward, mindless banger. Lord knows there's plenty of time for that. Yet in spite of his notable talents, it feels like Wifi is merely coasting on this one. Let's see what Ethernet has in store.

Quotable Lyrics

I just fuck in the coupe, while I check the stars up in the Wraith
And when your bitch drop that neck I float to outer space
Wait, they not safe, if they pull up in this thang
I got racks up off the stage like I was born to be a legend

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