wifisfuneral Calls Out Anti-Maskers On "In My Bag"

Alex Zidel
September 25, 2020 12:00

wifisfuneral shows off the contents of his bag, which is always stocked with CBD essentials, Hennessy, binoculars, and a mask.

wifisfuneral is clearly taking this pandemic seriously, as we all should be. 

In the latest episode of In My Bag, filmed quarantine-style, the Florida-based recording artist shows off the contents of his bag, emptying it out and revealing what he always keeps on him to stay safe during COVID-19. 

He starts off the episode by wishing that everyone is staying safe before opening up his Louis Vuitton bag to reveal a mask.

"Wear your mask. Stop being a dick," says wifi. "Stop being a fucking piece of shit. Wear your mask, piece of shit."


Weef feels strongly about anti-maskers, calling them out and going on to show off the rest of his essentials, which include CBD cigarettes, lots of weed, his THC vape pen, and more. 

"There's not a day that goes by that I'm not inside the house and I'm not smoking pot," reveals the artist. "If I'm not smoking pot, honestly, just don't talk to me because I'm probably not even going to talk to you."

Then, he pulls out a half-empty bottle of Hennessy, telling us that it's another essential for him.

Finally, wifisfuneral ends up with his hand sanitizer, a lint roller, and binoculars, which he explains.

"So, when I go sightseeing for hoes I need in my life, I do this," says the Floridian, placing the binoculars over his eyes. "Yeah, looks about right brother. I think we're about to go in."


Was wifisfuneral missing anything important in his bag or did he cover everything?

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