Wifisfuneral & YBN Nahmir Report Bare Facts On "Juveniles"

Devin Ch
May 24, 2018 17:08

Equal parts "Workout Plan" and early "Cash Money."

Wifisfuneral wasted little time in grasping the positive response to his blammer record "Juveniles." He and guest star YBN Nahmir emptied out a boxing gym and replaced the misfits with fitness models. Sure it doesn't seem all too groundbreaking, and admittedly it is a bit male-centric, but it does communicate the essence of the New Orleans tradition it is trying to emulate.

Yes, "Juveniles" is precisely the Cash Money Millionaire tribute you'd come to expect by the title. Juvenile has made a career out of shaking asses, and is front row center when the history of "twerking" goes into writing. It is funny to see a mere teenager in YBN Nahmir handle a buxom women like he knows the subtlety of touch, but why would he depict himself any differently given the circumstances. The video closes with the fitness models rounded up in a ring; a +5 added to the meter for every perfectly executed "twerking" maneuver.

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