In the age of the internet, rap beefs have taken a turn for the goofy and bizarre. It's no longer necessary to destroy your opponent on wax when you can just unload an Instagram video of you clowning them just as easily. The beef that flared up between underground Florida rapper Stitches, and XXL Freshman, Wifisfuneral, is one of the weirdest yet. 

It all started when Stitches uploaded a video in his car, threatening Wifi for not acknowledging him as the king of underground Florida rap. Expletives and threats of slappings were abound in the video.

Wifi saw the video, but didn't seem to be taking it too seriously, offering to get Stitches into his show for free so he could get slapped, and threatening to sick The Game on him again.

Wifi then uploaded a video in return, where he's wearing crude scribbles imitating Stitches' face tattoos and screaming about how he's no longer relevant.

The beef then took an interesting turn, with Wifi challenging Stitches to a $10K money match in WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2007 on the PSP. Against all odds, Stitches actually agreed to the bet, on two conditions: the first being that they'd raise the stakes to $40K, and the second being if Stitches wins, Wifi will have to publicly refer to him as his "Zaddy."

While Wifi hasn't responded with an official confirmation as to whether or not the game is on, he did post a cryptic warning about the fate that awaits Stitches when he steps into the ring.