If you've ever imagined what Drake will look like when his hair starts to go grey, the artist himself got equally curious and decided to share an image of himself as an old man. At just 32-years-old, the Toronto native has accomplished so much in his career. He keeps levelling up and as he gets his financial goals in check, he's pretty much set for life. The man is being gifted private planes so he's likely never got to worry about money for another day in his life. If ever he does want to stunt the natural ageing process, he has all the resources in the world to do so. For now though, Drake wanted to unravel a mystery, finding out what he would look like with wrinkles, and grey in his beard.

Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images

Asking his fans to come up with the perfect caption for the photo, Drake still hasn't committed to one of the many replies that flooded his inbox. Some of the best include: "OLDVOLD," "Just hold on, I'm getting old," "ChampagneGrandpapi," "Nothing was the same," and more. Despite his grey hair and heavy smile lines, Drake still looks like he can steal any man's girl as a 60-year-old. Be warned, gentlemen. There is no escaping the constant pull of Drizzy Drake.

What would your caption be for this shot?