We may be receiving the third installment of the Sister Act franchise and fans of the movie aren't upset about the possibility of seeing Sister Mary Clarence on the big screen once again. Back in 1992, the world was introduced to everyone's favorite fake nun, portrayed by Whoopi Goldberg, and the following year, they returned with a sequel that featured an introductory appearance by Lauryn Hill. It's been 27 years since the Sister Act wave, but even so, fans still believe that another movie is needed, and according to Goldberg, it just may happen. 


"For a long time they kept saying no one wanted to see it," Goldberg said on The Late Late Show with James Corden. "And then, quite recently, it turns out, that that may not be true. People might want to see it. So, we're working diligently to try to figure out how to get the gang together and come back."

"It's a really fun movie. It's fun and it feels good and nobody's mad," Goldberg added. "It's just like, listen — bad singing, great singing, okay singing, and then nuns. What's better than that?" Are you looking forward to Sister Act 3? Watch Whoppi Goldberg's appearance on the late-night talk show below.