When we think about celebrities who take risks with their style and wardrobe, Whoopi Goldberg doesn't make that list. Throughout her career, whether it be on or off-screen, Whoopi has remained consistent with her looks. So, when she debuted new white locs on The View, the public was surprised that she was mixing things up.

However, her hairdo isn't about platinum blonde's having more fun. Whoopi shared that she's filming a miniseries adaptation of thriller novelist Stephen King's The Stand for CBS. The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic era where 99 percent of the entire world's population has been killed off by this flu strain that was modified to be used as a weapon of warfare. There are multiple editions of King's 1978 novel where the years the story takes place changes, but it's somewhere in the 1980s or early '90s.

"The woman I’m playing is over 100," Whoopi shared with the hosts of The View about her character, a prophet from Nebraska named Mother Abagail. "When [King] first wrote this book, Mother Abagail was probably this tall [short], and she looked like Miss Jane Pittman on steroids,” Whoopi joked. "She was so wrinkly, and the reason for that was people had no idea what older black women looked like because no one ever looked at old black women like that. So now we look at an older black woman and you’re looking at amazing faces."

Whoopi added that this was going to be her new look for the next four months so people should get used to it. Check out what else she had to say about her forthcoming role below.