After scouring the comments on both the initial announcement and the "Meet The Freshman" posts, it became evident that our community was simply not feeling XXL's latest class. And while XXL and their people are probably watching the discourse pop off, rubbing their hands together and muttering "excellent" over all the publicity, it can't be denied that if there's anything hip-hop fans love doing, it's ranking artists. And for good reason - it allows for some critical thinking, while also being fun as hell.

Even high profile artists like Danny Brown have weighed in on the discussion (though he has since deleted the tweet), but we want to know where you stand. If you, the HNHH community, were in charge of picking the 2017 Freshman Class, which ten artists would be on your roster? And what would be your criteria? Bars? Flow? Songwriting? Popularity? Overall Impact? 

Sound off below, and hit us with your best lists.