From Pussy Bacon, to the Booty Gang Captain. Who is Ugly God?

Possibly the internet's most honest entertainer, twenty-year old Ugly God initially gained some attention with his single “I Beat My Meat” coupled with his “lizard on his nose” videos. The Indiana-born, Houston/Mississippi native once described his own music as “trash,” presenting a combination of obscene, yet hilarious lyrics, over self-produced “beautiful ass” beats.

Coming Up

A former University of Southern Mississippi, Computer Engineering and Web Development student, Young Ugly God began rapping and producing the summer before his senior year of High School. He claims that he is still currently enrolled at the University, but decided to stop going to class when he started making money off of music. As a result of his new hobby, he released his first song entitled “I Beat My Meat.” After it’s initial release, he garnered 4k plays. Upon his coach hearing the song, he was forced to delete the song, due to Ugly God’s budding basketball career. He later re-released it in his Senior year. This time around he garnered around 13k plays, but took it down once again. The third time around, though, with original production sampling the iPhone ringtone, it went viral, most notably due to a dance video. Check it out below, with the official song.

Sidenote: He reportedly released it while he was still a virgin and has never smoked or drank…besides lean one time.

The Name Change

His first, randomly selected name was Pussy Bacon. Eventually, his dad found out, which forced him to change it.

By selecting the name Ugly God, he claims that he is the “big dog” of all ugly people, not caring what people thought. Eventually, this handle would assist in him blowing up.

What he’s been up to

Recently, Ugly god has been featured on XXL Magazine, as a part of their annual XXL Freshman class. As a benefit of being featured in this class, it is customary for rappers to partake in a cypher and solo freestyle. Though The Booty Gang Captain arguably had one of the best solo freestyles, he stated that he had not prepared a verse for the cypher. It’s very obvious he does not take himself too seriously, as he took the cypher as an opportunity to have a good time, which caused polarizing opinions online.

Most recently, he released The Booty Tape project after multiple delays due to sample clearances, amongst other things. During a live session on Instagram, Ugly God released a statement to his fans addressing the delays, stating that he was not used to dealing with clearing his music due to previously only uploading his music to Soundcloud. Thankfully, The Booty Tape arrived, eventually, however it apparently lacked two features (XXXTENTACION and Ski Mask the Slump God) due to label politics. Still, with only one guest appearance by Wiz Khalifa, The Booty Tape already has over 400k plays per song on Soundcloud, with lead single and subsequent viral hit “Water” hitting over 31m plays on Youtube, and 67m on Spotify.

He wants to produce for Nas

During an Insta-live, Ugly God previewed a beat he produced underneath a Nas acapella. He captioned the Insta-live Check it out below.

Though his rap style does not compliment it, and is somewhat the opposite of what Nas represents, it’s hard to deny that Ugly God killed his beat remix.

Here is a higher quality version of the remix and the original song.

How does it stack up to the classic, original version? Should Nas hit him up?

Get this information, and more, directly from Ugly God by watching our On The Come Up with him below, as well as five (undeniable) tips for being ugly.