Last week, A$AP Bari was hit with allegations of sexual assault, after a disturbing and controversial video surfaced. The fallout was far-reaching, and Bari found himself targeted by fellow A$AP Mob member A$AP Rocky, who appeared to label him a bitch during a live performance. Close associate Playboi Carti spoke out against Bari's behavior at a recent concert, though maintained Bari was still his brother. A$AP Illz adamantly defended his honor on Twitter. As of now, Ferg has yet to comment.

The recent video has thrust A$AP Bari's name into the spotlight, catapulting him from rising fashion-mogul to notorious sexual predator overnight. Still, one wonders, exactly who is A$AP Bari? 

He co-founded the A$AP Mob

Alongside A$AP Yams, A$AP Kham and A$AP Illz, Bari was one of A$AP Mob's founding fathers. The collective began in 2006, when Yams suggested the name "Always Strive And Prosper." Before that, Bari, Illz, and Yams rolled together as a unit, looking for dope fashion and street wear spots. After allegedly introducing A$AP Rocky to A$AP Yams, Yams used Tumblr to help propel Rocky into the public eye. 

He founded the fashion company VLONE

In 2011, Bari launched his first clothing line, VLONE. In an interview with NSS Magazine, Bari said “I’m not streetwear. I’m not high fashion. I’m hood fashion. I do my shit for the hood niggas." VLONE celebrated their inaugural launch in 2014, and scored a partnership with Nike in 2017. No word on whether or not Nike plans on sticking with them, in light of the controversy.

He beefed with Ian Connor over rape allegations

In what ultimately turned out to be a strange twist of fate, Bari once got violent with fashion consultant Ian Connor over some rape allegations against Connor. The fight went down at a fashion event in London, where Bari allegedly sucker punched Connor as he left the store. Fast forward to now, where Connor wasted little time in throwing Bari's recent controversy in his face.

In July 2017, he was accused of sexual assault after a crew member leaked an incriminating video

During a London visit, Bari, his assistant, and various entourage members were staying in a hotel. The IG user @soleout uploaded a graphic clip (NSFW) in which Bari barged into a room where a naked woman and his assistant were in bed. “You fucked my assistant, now you suck my dick," says Bari, as he yanks the covers off the woman. She protests and storms off crying, while Bari slaps her ass and berates her. The video has dragged Bari through heavy public scrutiny, and Bari himself has issued a statement via Twitter.