It’s always a beautiful thing when Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka get on a record together. Let’s be clear, these two men aren’t the most lyrical cats in the game, but they bring that bravado and street lingo that we all love and appreciate. Obviously, you’re not going to be enraptured by their lyrical wisdom and they won’t have an triple entendres for you to decode like the great Marshall Mathers, but their track record is immaculate. Who can forget about how their Ferrari Boyz project had us wanting to be in the trap? With a sheer combination of trillness and heart, these two make a formidable duo. Although they went through a rough patch, they've seen been able to set their differences aside. This piece couldn't be timelier, as we anticipate Gucci's possible release next month. While we wait on that, let’s explore some of Gucci and Waka's best tracks together.