Usually, people who smoke a lot of weed spend their time and money trying to get that smell to go away. However, some people wear it like a cologne (shout out Curren$y). One brand Xyrena has taken that idea to its logical conclusion by creating a line of perfumes that smell like unsmoked marijuana.

Xyrena’s “Reefer Madness” line is considered unisex, because no one has assigned genders to the scent of marijuana yet. It comes in three different varieties: Blue Dream, OG Kush and Space Cake. The descriptions themselves actually get very deep into the scent profiles of each strain, describing the “earthy cedar fragrance with a hint of burnt rubber common in ‘kush’ strains.” Although there’s no actual marijuana contained in the product, the authentic smell is achieved.

The same company also created an official Aaliyah tribute perfume in collaboration with the late singer’s mother and brother. The “Reefer Madness” collection is available for $74.20 per bottle. We hope this is the weirdest news you read today.