Tonight marks the third and final presidential debate before the election on November 8th. Ever since the first one, which took place on September 26th, Donald Trump has taken a huge nose-dive in the polls, but as we've seen in races past, anything can happen in the final weeks.

Hip hop generally leans to the left in political matters, but in such an out-of-character, unpredictable presidential race, we've seen many rappers step out of the party line for one reason or another. That doesn't necessarily mean we've seen a lot of rappers voicing their support for Trump (we haven't), but there do seem to be a lot more people saying they'll withhold their vote, or at least only begrudgingly vote for a candidate, than usual. We've rounded up a 20 rappers and singers' opinions on this election and voting in general, and have listed in the pages that follow so you can see who your faves are supporting next month. Unfortunately for HNHH's large population of Trump supporters, it was hard to find many MCs, singers, or producers who see eye to eye with your questionable beliefs, but we tried.