The family of Whitney Houston has given their side on why Bobby Brown left Whitney Houston's funeral last Saturday. Houston family lawyer Mark Trigg called up an Atlanta radio station, saying that Bobby didn't agree with the seating arrangements and brought uninvited guests.

The lawyer also said that Bobby was invited from the beginning to sit with the family and that he and Bobby's attorney personally worked out the seating arrangements. He explained, "We had a number of discussions prior to the service and a very clear understanding as to exactly what was supposed to take place. Bobby was always invited to sit with the family at the outset. This was a very full, packed congregation...and there literally wasn't a seat available....So this was not about anything other than practical space considerations."

Trigg said that things became more complicated when Bobby wanted to bring his three children to the service. Trigg claimed that Bobby agreed that he would sit in the first three pews reserved for Whitney's family and his three older children would sit with his brother Tommy a few rows behind. But once the service started, the lawyer said Bobby invited the trio to join him.

Trigg continued, "When that happened, security discreetly, politely, respectfully said, 'Bobby you're welcome to stay here but we need to ask the three children to go sit with their uncle given space limitations.' That was the deal and there shouldn't have been any problem at that point. But for whatever reason, he took offense at that."

Trigg also said that Bobby attempted to talk to Bobbi Kristina, but she wanted to be left alone and Bobby did not "respect her and her wishes during the service." Trigg said that if Bobbi Kristina had intervened, security would "not stand in the way" and would have made sure they connected. But once security blocked him, he decided to leave.

Trigg continued, "For whatever reason he decided he just wanted to leave the service. So he got his three children, went up and kissed the casket, and they walked out of the service." He added that Bobby previously told the family he wouldn't be staying past 2 p.m. anyway as he had a concert with New Edition later that night.

Trigg added, "It had to be a difficult time for him. None of us exercise our best judgment when we're under that kind of emotional strain. So I certainly don't stand in judgment of him."