Whitney Houston's untimely death in 2012 left many stunned, as the music industry lost one of its most respected and successful vocalists. Houston gained international acclaim for her powerful pipes, which effectively resulted in countless number one singles and albums, and a legacy that has withstood the tests of time. 

However, the "I Will Always Love You" chanteuse struggled with a crippling drug addiction for many years, which eventually resulted in her untimely demise. This tragedy became worldwide news as society mourned the loss of an indisputable talent and icon.

The singer will now be commemorated in an upcoming documentary that is slated to be released in theatres on July 6. Directed by Kevin Macdonald, the film will include never-before-seen home footage and live performances, as well as previously unreleased studio recordings. This will give the production an intimate feel akin to the Oscar-winning Amy Winehouse documentary. 

Macdonald will focus his film on Houston's life and work, alongside her creative process, painting a portrait of a woman whose talent could be seen as a professional and lucrative blessing, but a personal curse. The director has previously received an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature for One Day in September, which detailed the death of 11 Israeli athletes during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany.