Cory Lewis, an Atlanta youth mentor, took to his Facebook live to depict his confrontation with a Cobb County police officer charged with the task of responding to a call about Lewis this past Sunday because he was babysitting two white children.

The incident went down at a Walmart in Georgia. As the children's babysitter, Lewis explained that he had taken the kids to have dinner and noticed that they were being followed by a white woman. The woman approached the group and asked Lewis if she could speak to one of the children to verify their relationship to Lewis - a request that Lewis understandably denied.

Lewis claims that after he refused her request, the woman followed him home and proceeded to call the police on him. Upon meeting the police officer, the children, a 10-year-old girl, and a 6-year-old boy, confirmed to the officer that Lewis was indeed their after-school teacher and babysitter. “All because I got two kids in the back seat who do not look like me, this lady took it upon herself to say that she’s going to take my plate down and call the police,” Lewis said on his Facebook. “It’s crazy … It’s 2018 and this is what I’ve got to deal with.”