A woman in North Charleston, South Carolina really had the audacity to call the cops on a group of young black students who were holding a Stop The Violence March. Community activist Jonathan Thrower tells the Charleston City Paper that he was marching with the kids when they said they were thirsty and asked if they could get something to drink at the nearby store. 

An employee of the store told them to remain on the sidewalk and they listened and then another woman rolled up telling them she was calling the cops for their "riot."

"I thought she was playing at first," Jonathan told the publication. "I didn't really think that was gonna happen." The audio below is a clip of the woman's 911 calling telling police the kids were "absolutely destroying the outside" of the store.

"They’re standing outside my store, they’re videoing us and everything, I need a police officer here now. I mean, it's like a riot out here," she said. The dispatcher tried to reason with her saying she really had nothing to worry about. 

"The North Charleston Police Department — I applaud them, because the guy was like, 'You know, they’re just coming in to purchase something, I’m sure they‘re not causing any trouble," Jonathan added.

Once police made to the store the kids were gone.