The racist woman who called the cops on a black family for having a barbecue has inspired many memes over the last week, and the joke has now made it all the way to SNL. The reference came first during Weekend Update, as Aidy Bryant, dressed unmistakably as the woman from the viral video, walked in front of the hosts with a phone to her ear and a spot-on scowl. She appeared once again mixed into the crowd as the credits rolled and the cast congratulated one another on a successful show.

While the memes have made the most out of a disheartening situation, the incident, which occurred in Oakland, is one of a few recent stories where cops were called on innocent black people. Recently, two black men had the cops called on them at a Starbucks, a group of black women had the police called to their Air BnB after they were "mistaken" for thieves, and a Black Yale Grad student had the police called on her for sleeping in a common area. 

The cop-calling character was not the only memorable moment on the show. Nicki Minaj served as the musical guest for last night's episode, performing both "Chun-Li" and "Poke It Out," the second of which with Playboi Carti. She also appeared in a sketch with host Tina Fey.