It seems like every week there is a new case of confused Caucasians calling the police on Black people. From the two young men at Starbucks or the women enjoying a day golfing, to a little girl selling water or a man barbequing, it seems like Black people can't enjoy day-to-day activities without the police being called. Now, a video of a woman and her son being questioned by police at a community pool has gone viral.

Police were called in North Carolina Wednesday after Jasmine Edwards was approached by a resident who asked her for her address at the pool. Edwards told the man her address, but he then asked for an ID to verify she was not lying. At this point, Edwards became perturbed, and asked the man what business he had asking for her ID. Soon after the police were called, and the video begins with her explaining the situation to the officers. "Nobody else was asked their ID. I feel this is racial profiling, I am the only black person here with my son in the pool," she states on the tape. 

In order to alleviate the situation, one of the police officers requests her pool key card, stating that if she "has a card to get in the pool I believe that that should be enough." After Edwards hands over the card and the officer verifies that it works correctly, he apologizes for the situation. The officers in this situation handled the conflict very professionally, and it is clear as day that they both believe the incident is ridiculous. Since uploading the video to Facebook, Edwards has accumulated thousands of views. The white man who called the police, who is identified as Adam, has been turned into the latest trending racist representative with the nickname ID Adam.