A car that intentionally struck a security barrier in Washington has prompted the White House to be forced into lockdown, CNN reports. The Secret Service say the car didn't manage to make it on to the White House property. According to the report, Donald Trump just finished a meeting with Austrialian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in the White House at the time. The Secret Service said there was no injuries to any law enforcement officials on the premises but traffic was re-routed following the incident. 

The Secret Service said that the woman behind the wheel was immediately apprehended after the incident took place. They say she suffers from mental health issues and the attack wasn't believed to be directed at the President. They also say she's known to the secret service, according to law enforcement. 

The incident took place on the west side of the White House at the intersection of 17th and E Streets NW in Washington. The incident wasn't close to the West Wing or where the president and his family resides. However, White House worked who worked on the top floor of the complex had to be sent to ground level while security made sure the area was safe.

Earlier on, there were reports that there were shots fired. However, the Secret Service took to Twitter to debunk that.