As the protests against police brutality intensified in Washington D.C, Donald Trump responded by literally furthering the divide between the people and the government. In response to heightened security concerns (after Trump realized that retreating into a banker is hardly a flattering reaction) an entire chain-link fence had surrounded Lafayette Park outside the White House, having the inadvertent side-effect of giving protestors a new rallying point. 

Samuel Corum/Getty Images

Before long, the fence was repurposed as a full-blown memorial, preserving the memories of the Black lives lost to police brutality and systemic racism. As of now, the fence is lined with signs dedicated to Black Lives Matter and the defunding of police departments, as well as paintings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the countless others. Given the intention behind the fence's initial placement, images of what it has become feel all the more powerful, a reminder of the cause that's being fought for.

You can check out footage of the fence below; new artwork continues to be added by the day, and many have praised the movement as a peaceful rebellion against the President and police alike. Don't be surprised to see the impromptu memorial continue to expand, as the protests show little sign of slowing down. Given that the mayor of Washington recently strengthened the movement by renaming a nearby street "Black Lives Matter Plaza," it's clear that the people of Washington are no longer willing to sit idly by.