Which Rappers Has Future Influenced?

Rose Lilah
May 23, 2017 17:15

We take a quick look at some of the rappers that were influenced by Future's come-up.

Future debuted the official remix to his social media-favorite record "Mask Off," from an unexpected collaborator, Kendrick Lamar. While Kendrick Lamar is clearly an example of a rapper who has -not- been influenced by the throaty voice that is Future, there's a wealth of rappers out here that have taken the Future method and ran with it. We're looking at some of the more obvious cases in the above video, which emulate or take inspiration from the Dungeon Family brethren either in cadence, flow, vocals-- the variety of influence goes on. 

To be clear, and to be fair, each of these artists has also demonstrated various reasons for the opposite case-- the ways in which they are -not- Future. Desiigner may have came out the gate with Future basically appending his name, but he's been able to contrast and challenge those claims more and more with each new release that followed "Panda." You'll also see a couple of Future's homies and once-rivals in the video-- including Young Scooter and Ralo, as well new, newcomer, Moe Roy (wait for it).

Check out the full video up top, and let us know which rapper has been most-influenced by the self-proclaimed Super Trapper. 

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