It has finally happened. The product of all those sleepless Wyoming nights will soon be upon us. The legendary Kanye West has officially made his intentions known. Taking over the summer is on the docket, with not one, but two artistic endeavors. One, the long awaited solo album, which has been studied at length by yours truly. The second, and more surprising reveal, is Kids See Ghost - a joint endeavor with frequent collaborator Kid Cudi. Of course, there was certainly speculation that a collaboration album was on the way, but nobody expected it to materialize so soon.

There are few things in the hip-hop community that can unite the lot of us in harmony. Kanye West is one of them. Not only are we lucky enough to be getting one project from the GOAT contender, but a second? Not to mention, Kid Cudi is revered around these parts. Doubtless, the excitement must be real, especially for those disciples of Man On The Moon: The End Of Day. And seeing as Kanye has all but hijacked the month of June (although Drake may very well have something to say about that), we decided it's only fair to pose a challenging question. A Sophie's choice, as it were.

Granted, the freedom of choice allocates that you can enjoy both projects at your own leisure. Yet provided you could only pick one - which one would you throw your weight behind? Kanye West's eighth official solo album? Or the long-awaited-yet-never-expected-to-actually-happen Kids See Ghost?