Chance The Rapper and his musical collective, The Social Experiment, have been keep their compilation project Surf under lock and key. The project, which is really helmed by Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment, was announced back in October. During an interview for the album announcement, Chance alleged the first Social Experiment project would drop before the end of 2014.

Obviously, that didn't happen. In early 2015, more Surf crumbs surfaced, including two short films, one from Donnie Trumpet, "Nothing Came To Me" and "Sunday Candy" from Chance. At the end of April, we had hope once more when Chance alluded that Surf would drop at the end of that week during a live performance. This was soon followed by Chance's own brother saying it would drop "n e day now."

So it's safe to say the fans want Surf. Save Money fans are so hungry for new music from the crew that they've taken to swarming Chance's tweets with questions about where is Surf/when is it dropping (and full-out demands, such as "DROP SURF"). Fans have been doing the same thing to Donnie Trumpet.

Are all these fans in cahoots? Check out screenshots of the incessant replies up top. Give us your hypothesis on where Surf is in the comments below. Or use this as an opportunity to yell your own demands at Chance and Donnie.