For his 2012 debut album Channel Orange, Frank Ocean won himself a GRAMMY and the hearts of music lovers across the world, establishing himself as a generational talent and R&B heavyweight for years to come.

That was over three years ago -- rumors about his second album have been swirling non-stop since then, and it's been an impatient wait. It was scheduled to drop in July, and July came and went with no new album. But today, Frank Ocean's website (currently down, overloaded with traffic) appeared with the cryptic message "Will be opening soon..."

It appears that the release of his second album is imminent. By most accounts, it is going to kick ass. “Everyone should be excited about this new album — that shit is fire,” said Ocean collaborator Nabil Elderkin. “He’s making a great record. It blows the sophomore-album myth out of the water.”

Let's take a moment to trace Frank Ocean's steps during the past three years.