For as long as hip hop has been a part of popular culture, it has been one of the more interactive genres in music. But while most MCs like to make the crowd a part of the show, fans sometimes go to far in trying to get close to their favorite artist. Whether they're heckling or showing love, the stage has always been an "Enter at your own risk" zone. Rappers more often than not like to settle their disputes lyrically, but when strangers get too close, instincts kick in and they won't hesitate to take it back to the neighborhood they grew up in (and neither will their bodyguards). So concertgoers be warned: Heckling, making it rain, or trying to get up on stage might seem like a good idea at the time but it also might immortalize your spot as the next great YouTube sensation. These days everyone wants to become part of the show, but be careful what you wish for.