Battle rap is quickly growing as a culture. What was almost completely relegated to street corners and Youtube a few years ago has garnered national recognition, more TV programming, Pay-Per-View events, and other attention of the mainstream media. Hip Hop icons like Eminem and Snoop Dogg have put on events for the battle scene and at this rate things can only continue to expand. That being the case, we’re making an effort to keep you updated on all things battle rap. Now is a great time to join the culture. 

Happy Halloween, battle fans! Our first installment of battle rap updates includes a couple stories battle fans should all be aware of, as well as many new headlines. In case you didn't know, Dizaster is set to battle Cassidy this December and Drake wants to try his luck against Murda Mook. And how could we not include Daylyt, the king of antics? Find out who he has his in his crosshairs for this January. Keep reading for five new battles, who challenged whom, and to see why New Jersey is now a no-fly-zone for a certain rapper.

Keep your eyes peeled for this feature bi-weekly.