Tyler, the Creator has something up this sleeve.

His site scumfuckflowerboy.com has initiated a countdown that will hit zero on 11 PM eastern time Thursday night. The page also lists the phrase "MAY 2017" above a password entry box.

Reddit user u/mrredguy11 speculates that ScumFuckFlowerBoy will be a clothing line. "We have already seen photos of the dirt bike that says "Scumfuck flower boy" and new golf clothing part of the line. it's gonna release this Friday," he posited. "If I'm wrong ill eat a vape."

Tyler's past album release schedule suggests that he's due to release his fourth studio album: he released Goblin in May 2011, Wolf in April 2013, and Cherry Bomb in May 2015. He recently appeared on Frank Ocean's "Biking."]

UPDATE, 5/3 1:43 PM: Tyler says the site is fake.