You undoubtedly know what Redbull is. If you yourself haven't purchased one of their beverages (which they are now expanding in a variety of flavours, shout out the orange one, that's my favorite, but also, limited edition kiwi), your friends have. However Redbull has made it their mission to be more than just your energy drink of choice, they've embedded themselves in local music scenes and a variety of cultures around the world, with various Redbull programs-- Redbull Music Academy for example, Redbull Sound Select series-- which is the reason I'm out here in Los Angeles writing this right now. That being said, even if you've also heard of Redbull Sound Select (RBSS), you may not know exactly what it is they do-- I know that before I came down here and chopped it up with what I now consider my RBSS BFFs, it wasn't exactly clear to me either. Let's start at the beginning, though. Click through the galleries to find out more about the program and one of the 30 shows RBSS put on for their month-longΒ 30 Days in LA festival series.