As Trippie Redd prepares his debut album for a release this year, it has been a pleasure to hear his musical range in terms of stretching genre boundaries and testing his own limits. As one of the most enigmatic forces in the younger generation of hip-hop, Trippie has a mixed crowd reaction. Some absolutely love him and others either hate him or don't understand his vibe. Sporting a unique look where he almost resembles a zombie at times, it's hard to miss him in a crowd. But, when there's 2 or 3 of him standing next to each other, things can definitely seem a little weird.

In a true "Where's Waldo?" moment, Trippie posted a photo on his Instagram page depicting himself next to two people that look exactly like him. The image is very likely photoshopped because let's face it, it would be insanely difficult to find just one other person that looks like Trippie Redd, let alone two. If there is more than one Trippie running around the world, it could explain his interest in switching up styles so often, singing on one track, savagely rapping the next and screaming on a third. In fact, looking at the photo for more than a few seconds creates somewhat of an optical illusion where we're not sure which one is the real Trippie Redd... Dare we say, the photo is a little trippy?

All jokes aside, the caption is somewhat concerning as the rapper writes, "Lately I feel as if I’m all Ill ever have." Hopefully, Trippie sees the light soon and can live a life full of joy and happiness.