It's no surprise Ms. Jhené is the type to believe in astrology, a fact that she reaffirmed in a recent Instagram post on Wednesday. The first shot in the double-photo post, captioned "pisces sun, pisces moon, sagittarius rising," shows the gorgeous vocalist wearing a black dress with green astrological symbols. Beyond sharing these primary astrological "placements," the "None of Your Concern" singer proceeded to respond to fans further inquiring about her other signs, such as her Venus (which is Taurus) and Mercury (which is Pisces, again). 

For many, all of these details are just noise, and the comments on Jhené's post prove that you're not alone if you're totally lost. One user was especially confused,  commenting "What does that even mean I thought everyone had one zodiac?" The comment has tons of replies from fellow astrology queens, explaining the concept of zodiac placements and how they relate to the planets, and a person's birth time and place. These placements are, theoretically, meant to tell us different facets of a person's personality and overall character, so what is Jhené trying to tell us about herself by sharing this info? Most of us are not astrologists, and plenty of folks might call bullsh*t on the practice as a whole. Jhené's willingness to post her placements, though, shows that she is open to her astrologically-savvy followers analyzing her based on their interpretations of her chart, which just shows how kind and generous this girl is to her fanbase.