HBO's Westworld is gearing up for a second season, as the trailer for the latest episodic instalment in the series debuted during the Super Bowl.

According to Entertainment Weeklythis brief clip was HBO's first Super Bowl commercial in over 20 years, and was directed by series creator Jonathan Nolan. Some of the footage included in the montage was specifically created for the advertisement, so viewers will have to watch the series to see which narratives and events will actually be included during this season's proceedings. 

The clip is soundtracked by a sparse, minimalist piano cover of Kanye West's "Runaway," giving the visual a sense of melancholy similar to the song itself. Considering the apocalyptic nature of the show, alongside the gloomy voice-over which interrupts the score, the plaintive melody of West's song provides a perfect aural accompaniment. 

Dolores, Maeve, Bernard and The Man in Black will all be recurring during this season, which is slated to premiere April 22nd. Watch the clip below: