Fans of the hit HBO series Westworld were taken aback when show creators and married couple Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy expressed their intent to spoil the entire season two for fans prior to its release. Before you lose your mind, think about it for a second. Using Game of Thrones as a reference, the couple argues that fans of the show had the entire plot of the first few seasons available to them in book form years before GoT premiered on HBO. The argument is that, people who love spoilers can get their fix, while others can just choose to ignore the details. In a Reddit post written by Nolan, he states:

 "'Theories' can actually be spoilers, and the line between the two is confusing. It's something we've been thinking about since last season. The fans of Game of Thrones, for instance, rallied around and protected the secrets of the narrative in part because they already knew those secrets (through season 5).

We thought about this long and hard, and came to a difficult (and potentially highly controversial) decision. If you guys agree, we're going to post a video that lays out the plot (and twists and turns) of season 2. Everything. The whole sordid thing. Up front."

Fans of Westworld were treated to a spoiler video online that starts with Jeffrey Wright's character Bernand waking up on a beach that is covered in dead bodies. After watching the video for a few minutes, Evan Rachel Wood's character sits down at a piano and begins to sing a very recognizable song. Check out the hilarious joke that Nolan and Joy played on fans below.

The secrets of Westworld are safe...for now.