In honor of Westside Gunn's affinity for wrestling, it seems that the Griselda rapper has come through to hit Drake with the Tombstone. Or worse. The Mandible Claw. Hours removed from the drop of his new Benny assisted single "Lotto," Gunn has taken to Instagram to pen a lengthy rant about Drake, whom he essentially accuses of swagger jacking. It's not the first time a "biter" narrative has surrounded the Six God, and it most probably won't be the last. Either way, Gunn seems to be displeased with a few similarities between Drizzy and himself, as documented below; as Gunn himself claimed he would take it down, we've taken some screenshots of his air-out.

While he doesn't seem to harbor any ill will toward Drake as a man, he does feel some type of way about Drake's new artistic direction. "My company logo is the scorpion 🦂 and coincidentally he names his Album "Scorpion" I was at Coachella wearing the hat and somebody says is that Drakes Hat I almost smacked him," writes Gunn. "now he's rocking Scott Hall shit when I've never seen this n***a Anywhere at any Wrestling event AND I go by Hall." The post continues, as Gunn expresses frustration over his influence going unrecognized. 

"I barely get blogged about or even mentioned for the same shit niggas copy yrs later, or blatantly I guess wrestling cool now bc of Migos whe them n***s is YEEEEEEEAAAAARS late," he continues. "I have nothing against anybody and n***s know I give it up in real life fuck this industry shit but just know I FATHER a lot of shit wit no credit just to watch n***s get all of it I just gotta laugh."

Clearly, the man had a lot to get off his chest. For those who enjoy his music, rest assured that Chris Benoit is on the way. In the mean time, do you feel as if he's on to something here?