Fresh off the release of their flashy "Dr. Birds" video, a clip that brought legendary director Hype Williams into their world, the Griselda trio have been steadily expanding their cultural impact. Fresh off a triumphant 2019 campaign, which brought new music from Westside Gunn, Conway, Benny The Butcher, and a joint effort from a united Griselda, the Buffalo trifecta have seen their fanbase expand on a global level. And while it wasn't always possible for Westside to mobilize beyond the United States, it would appear that 2020 will open some new doors for the mogul. 

"I could drop a tear right now... FLYGOD FINALLY about to travel the [world]," writes Westside, showing off his new passport in a celebratory IG post . "The impact GRISELDA has had on the Culture I’m finally able to come THANK YALL personally, my life really just began 2hrs ago if I did everything I did from home just imagine what’s about to happ.. damn this is a krazy feeling #GODISTHEGREATEST I’m packing my shit up next week I’m OUT."

While it's unclear whether Conway and Benny currently possess a passport, it's still great to see Westside Gunn secure a crucial win. What this means for the Griselda movement has yet to be revealed, but we're certainly excited to find out. Congratulations to Westside Gunn -- Flygod is a global God.