Fresh off the release of his latest project, Fly God Is An Awesome God 2Westside Gunn revealed that his next album will be titled Who Made The Sunshine and is set to drop next month. 2020 has been one hell of a year for WSG as far as music goes. After delivering the critically acclaimed Pray For Paris back in April, WSG managed to come through with another body of work less than three months later in the form of Fly God Is An Awesome God 2,  a sequel to his 2019 mixtape of the same name. Now, he's gearing up to drop yet another project by next month titled Who Made The Sunshine, to be released through Shady Records.

Hours before dropping Fly God Is An Awesome God 2, WSG took to Instagram to pen a lengthy post about his new tape. He explains how the project came to be and why it's different from some of his previous work. He also examines his unique artistry before concluding the post with the announcement about his next album.

"As the Album approaches I just wanna Say I love ART," he wrote. "The way I think the way I paint is wat makes me the FLYGOD. I never cared about being the best rapper I only wanted to bring the best ART to the culture. Last week I asked Conway wat helps him write and when he told me I tried it, ended up taking a road trip to Dallas. That’s when I put up the Michael Irvin cover which I was gonna drop that same day but then I started making more music and said f*ck it I’ll do an EP."

westside gunn shady records who made the sunshine new album griselda Flygod Is An Awesome God 2 mixtape pray for parisScott Dudelson/Getty Images for Coachella

"Then I hit StoveGOD to get on it but then I’m like my G didn’t get the proper looks for his tape when his sh*t is pure [fire]," he noted. "Prob due to politics, so I want him to get the proper shine and make n****s go back and pay attn. Threw him on 3 records..FLYGOD is bigger than just rapping. My job is to bring the Culture the illest sh*t, the common denominator to the Culture is WSG. Pray for Paris is a masterpiece that I painted diff and for a purpose this isn’t that, this is that basement, barely mixed early HWH vibes, me having Fun, and letting the Homies StoveGOD and Rome Streetz to shine wit me. I thank EVERYBODY who’s apart of this painting let’s keep f*ckin painting during these times."

He then proceeds to deliver the exciting news. "And on that note," he concludes, "let me start on my shady Album right now 'Who Made the Sunshine' that I want out in August and I’m a paint that b*tch STUUUUUPID. ENJOY THE TAPE."

Are you stoked for another WSG project in 2020?