When Griselda's interview with Elliott Wilson first released, there was a lot of controversy over comments made by Westside Gunn about how the Buffalo-based collective stacks up against TDE and Dreamville.

"All of this in one year," said WSG in December 2019 about Griselda's slate of new projects that year. "And we not mentioned in this one year and we not mentioned as the top group. Like, you're still going to mention TDE, you're going to mention Dreamville. Dreamville or TDE didn't do it."

Because of that remark, the often-described leader of Griselda was forced to clarify on numerous occasions that he did not have any animosity toward those two labels. 

Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

As the anniversary of their meet-up with the Rap Radar host came up, Elliott Wilson shared a memory with Griselda, prompting Westside Gunn to touch on his feelings toward Dreamville and TDE again.

"It was ALOT of controversy after this interview," he said on Twitter. "They tried to make it seem like I was starting beef w/ TDE & Dreamville when in actuality I had &have nothing but [love] for them n***as..since then Bro dropped 3x I’ve Dropped 2x, Benny bout to drop then I’m droppingagain was I wrong."

Griselda is absolutely the most consistent rap group working right now. They've come through with so many incredible projects, serving as one of this year's music highlights. With Conway's recent release, the fall takeover for them is commencing and we couldn't be more excited.

Read our new interview with Conway here and let us know where you rank Griselda against TDE and Dreamville.