During last night's college hoops game between West Virginia and Texas, the Mountaineers' head coach Bob Huggins collapsed during a timeout, which was later revealed to be caused by an issue with his defibrillator.

However, in the moment, Huggins had enough presence of mind to turn to one of his players and blame them for causing him to faint. 

Huggins reportedly told a player, "It's your fault. You're trying to kill me."

After the game Huggins explained the real reason for his collapse. Per ESPN:

"That's what happened when I fell down before; you stand up, you get lightheaded. ... It goes off, and what it does is it shocks your heart back into rhythm. I'm like 99.9 percent of other guys my age in America—I got AFib [irregular heartbeat]. Jerry [West] has AFib for crying out loud; he does the commercial."

He was in good spirits after WVU's 77-62 win, and even surprised that he wasn't hit with a technical for being on the court too long after his collapse.

"I'm surprised I didn't; I'm actually shocked I didn't," Huggins said with a smile.