Unlike Kim Kardashian who used Twitter to put Jack-In-The-Box on blast, Chance The Rapper made sure that he could use his platform for pressing matters. Earlier this year, he caught the attention of Wendy's after launching a campaign on Twitter for the return of Spicy Chicken Nuggets. A few hours later, Wendy's saw Chance's tweet and said they'd bring back the nuggets if they got 2M retweets. They hit 2M and they've officially kept their word as they've announced the return of Spicy Chicken Nuggets later this summer.

Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images 

Wendy's has been quietly plotting on the return of the Spicy Chicken Nuggets to their menu. Yesterday, they shared a mysterious lunch date on Google Calendar which turns out to be the return date for the Chance The Rapper co-signed nuggets. “Was looking at the calendar and this seemed like it was probably the best date," the event description reads. "Figured it would be a good chance for a couple million of us to get together. Just thought we’d throw a little nugget out there and see who wanted to hang."

Earlier today, they formally announced the menu item's return. "Spicy Chicken Nuggets are officially back on August 19th," they tweeted. They later shared a picture of a constellation of chicken nugget stars with the launch date confirmed.

Chance The Rapper previously stated that the nuggets would be re-released on the same day as his album but he still seems to be promising a July release for Owbum.

August 19th is the date. Mark your calendars.