Kim Kardashian found herself in the middle of a lot of criticism after she decided to meet with Donald Trump over prison reform. Many people wondered why someone like Kim Kardashian would be the voice of prison reform and the fact that two of reality TV's most notable stars are sitting in the White House together. While Wendy Williams applauded Kim for her actions, she simultaneously shaded her.

Wendy Williams isn't one of the people against Kim Kardashian's meeting with Trump for prison reform but she still had some shade to throw. She explained on her show that Kim has one of the most influential voices in the world and that she's using it for something productive. 

"She wants prison reform and that's what she's there for. She has 100 million followers on social media. I hate to say it, but her voice is more influential, apparently, than a lot of politicians out here trying to do the one two shuffle," she said. 

She further explained that people wouldn't be happy if Kim successfully helped pardon Alice Johnson, the 62 year old woman who's serving a life sentence for a first-time drug offense. However, Wendy suggested Kim's recent political actions are due to her marriage.

"I think Kim is bored with her money and unsatisfied with her marriage ... you come here to hear it straight, right?" she continued. "But better than prison reform, why don't you do something closer to home, do something for mental health. I'm not laughing about that, I'm serious."

She continued, "Kim though, you know what you need, there needs to be more mental rehab in prison, so when prisoners get out, they are rehabilitated."

Wendy Williams is clearly the queen of backhanded compliments and this is a prime example of it.