A new strange claim has come forth regarding Wendy Williams and her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter. It's only been a little over a week since she served up divorce papers to her alleged cheating partner of 20 years, and now TMZ reports that back in January, police visited their residence. According to the publication, someone called for authorities to perform a welfare check on the talk show host because, they claimed, her husband Kevin Hunter was poisoning her.

A police report states that the call occurred back in January and that the caller wouldn't identify themselves but told police that they worked for her production company. The caller was afraid that Hunter was making Williams ill so they requested a welfare check to the couple's home. 

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Two officers visited Williams at her New Jersey home and, according to the report, were greeted by Hunter at the door. The officers asked to speak to Williams but Hunter reportedly told them that she was too ill. When they explained that it was necessary that they see her because of the call, he let them in. The police report states that Williams was found in bed "with the blanket covering from head to toe."

One officer asked Hunter to leave so that they could speak with Williams privately, but Hunter refused and said he wasn't going to leave her. When asked about her health problems and why she was ill, she told them she broke her shoulder. One of the officers asked her if she believed there was any truth to the call that she was being poisoned, the police report states that she replied, "Well, I'm very popular." The officer repeated the question and Williams allegedly became tearful before stating that it wasn't true. She reportedly told them she was fine and the officers left her home.