Wendy Williams is known for being brutally honest when it comes to a lot of Hollywood happenings. It's fair to say sometimes she can go too far, and even says the wrong things (prime example here) but on the latest episode of her self-titled talk show, Wendy states straight facts when she shows her audience a long list of the many, many people miss Azealia Banks has sparked a feud with. 

The topic came up in conversation since the recent beef Azealia has started with Lana Del Ray. The whole thing began after Lana shared a few words about her distaste for Kanye West's political moves, and then Azealia clapped back at her asking her to apologize to Ye. Things escalated from there and the latest was Azealia's tweet threatening to burn Lana's house down with her witchcraft - we can't make this up. 

Of course, Wendy had to spill the tea on the matter and in the video below you can see her presentation of a rolling list of names that Azelia has probably cursed with her witchcraft many times over. The list includes Nicki Minaj, Remy Ma, Cardi B, Nick Cannon, Rihanna, Action Bronson, RZA, Russel Crowe, Zayn Malik, Eminem and many more - check it out below.