While both The Wendy Williams Show and its titular host are known for being boisterous and unambiguous, that didn’t stop her from throwing some subtle shade at her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter. On Tuesday night, Williams was featured as a guest on Late Night With Seth Meyers via virtual call. 

As numerous hosts have experienced in the past several months, Williams said she struggled with having to host her show while under quarantine at home. Still, her home life was a bit more complicated than most, as she had just placed her home on the market while splitting from Hunter in August 2019. 

Their divorce was legally finalized in January of this year, but their joint New Jersey home had not sold until this August. While taking a $700,000 loss with the sale of the property, Williams moved into a New York apartment, an event over which she expressed some displeasure. 

She stated, “I don’t know how big your home is and how much space you have, but I live in an apartment, not my fault.” The lack of fault on her part is of course a transparent, yet still relatively reserved show of disdain for the end of her marriage to Hunter.

She continued, speaking of the difficulty of hosting from home “I live in an apartment and it was very personal to me for people to see my area, and people criticized and couldn’t understand my groove. Then we just stopped doing that because we were ramping up for new stuff, new season, new ‘Wendy.’”