It's a new year and with that comes new episodes of the Wendy Williams Show. The producers of the talk show have been hyping up the return of the iconic television host but with her recent shoulder injury, she's had to push back her return a couple of times. After announcing that she would be back today, it was reported that Wendy would make her personal return next week. In her place, a panel of "hot talkers" would be replacing her for the week. On today's episode, it was revealed just who would be filling in for the gossiper: none other than CNN's Don Lemon.

When the introductory music hit and videos of Wendy Williams showed on screen, fans of the show were curious to see if the regular host would be walking out to her purple chair. Instead of Williams, audience members were treated to Don Lemon and a trio of women because, according to Don, it takes four people to make up for her absence. The CNN host confirmed that Wendy is still "on the mend" and would be officially back next week.

The shoulder fracture isn't the only thing that's been nagging Williams since taking a hiatus from the show. She's also been in the middle of a cheating scandal with her husband allegedly getting his mistress pregnant. Of course, people are interested in hearing what Wendy has to say about the situation, if anything, upon her television comeback.