This morning, Wendy Williams revealed that she has recently been diagnosed with a condition called Graves' disease; the news comes shortly after the talk show host took three days off last week after experiencing flu-like symptoms. Audiences have been concerned about her health after Williams fainted on live television during a Halloween special, where she claimed to have overheated and become dehydrated in her costume. 

Williams notes how she was already aware that she was suffering from hyperthyroidism, but was informed by a doctor on Tuesday that she has since acquired Graves' disease, an autoimmune disorder that attacks the thyroid through the throat. 

The talk-show further reveals that the disease can result in twitchy eyes (caused by abnormal muscle contractions behind the eyeballs.) Other symptoms include: irritability, anxiety, weight loss, difficulty swallowing, moist hands, and feeling as though "birds are swimming around my head."

Williams also admits that the ailment leaves her constantly feeling as if she was high, which will result in her taking a three week vacation for the first time in her career. This has left the outspoken celebrity feeling quite upset, as she has boasted about her perfect attendance record as both a television personality and radio host.